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6 reasons winter is the best time to paint the interior of your home!

Many think that summer is the best time to do home renovations. For some industries, this is true! Summer being the only time when some employees can work. However, this is not the case for painters. Exterior paint jobs can’t be completed during winter. Although, if an interior paint job is what you seek, winter may be the best time of year to start this project! There are a number of benefits to having your interior painted during the winter, including lower cost, better availability, and ideal working conditions. All of these benefits and more are detailed below!

1) Lower rates, and better availability!

Winter is typically a slower season for painters, so many paint companies offer discounted rates during winter and early spring. Take advantage of this to get a much cheaper price than if you were to book during the summer. Paint jobs can be up to a few thousand dollars, so these discounted rates can save you hundreds, even thousands, compared to paying the full price during peak season! At Gen/X Painting, we are currently offering a discount of up to 10% off of interior painting projects booked between the months of November 2022 – February 2023! 

Similarly, another benefit of booking during slow season is that painters have a more open availability. Which means more flexibility to fit your schedule! Most reputable paint companies get booked up quickly during the summer months – leading to longer wait times. Booking during winter you can expect wait times of weeks instead of months. 

2) Brighten up your interior during darker times of year.

The sun starts going down earlier, and rising later. The days are shorter, and darker. In the Okanagan, the sun disappears behind the mountains very early, and typically we are covered in a grey cloud throughout the winter! One way to bring some more brightness into your life is to have your space painted in a light colour. Light paints create the illusion of more space in a room, and work wonders at brightening up an area. Even though the sun may not be shining as much, or as bright, you can still create the illusion of brightness within your home through a new paint job. This new inviting vibe will be a great backdrop for family Christmas photos, and will create the perfect ambiance for get togethers with friends and family during the holiday season. 

3) Winter air is ideal for curing paint due to low humidity.

Humidity is higher during summer months, especially in Kelowna and the surrounding area – which actually slows drying times. During the winter months, the cool air combined with the heating system being turned on, is the perfect combination for quick drying times! 

Also don’t worry – you will not need to open all of your windows to escape the paint fumes! At Gen/X painting we use the highest quality low VOC paints – which have minimal fumes. All that will be required is a small crack of the window to ventilate the space for an hour or two, and you will not be stuck with a headache due to the paint fumes, or a boost in your heating bill. 

4) Have more time to enjoy your summer!

Get your painting project done during the winter months, and you have more free time in the summer to focus on YOU. Spend more time with friends and family, go on vacation, or even take on another home renovation project! The options are endless. 

5) Maximize home value for spring / summer – which are best times to list home for sale.

According to REMAX and other real estate websites, the best months to list your home for sale are April, May, June and July. These months have shown to be most lucrative for sellers, if you are wanting to make more than the asking price. The worst times to sell are in the fall, when families are settling down for the start of school and getting ready for the holidays. If you are planning on selling, painting your home in the winter  will raise the value just in time to list your property on the market during the peak times with the highest demand!

6) Painting during winter is a unique gift opportunity!

Has your loved one been hinting at wanting one of the rooms in the house re-done? Surprising them with a paint job in their favourite colour might just be the perfect grand gesture! Or if you think they would enjoy being more involved in the project – try booking a free colour consultation for them, or gift them with a signed paint contract that they can do with as they please. A gift such as this can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Overall… it’s never a bad time of year to paint.

As you can see, there are many benefits to painting the interior of your home during the winter months! For many homeowners, painting their interior during this time is actually superior to waiting for the summer. With a professional and knowledgable painting company in your corner, you are sure to have a positive experience. You will have more time in the summer to do as you please. OR maybe you’re looking to get your place on the market right when the spring hits – in which case, good luck! Many buyers will love to see a freshly painted home on the market. 

Whichever you choose – the crew at Gen/X painting will make sure you are in good hands! We wish you a happy fall, winter and holiday season.


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